I am Crunchy

I have a confession to make:  I am crunchy.  

I don’t wear Birkenstock’s, but I do love the feel of alpaca against my skin.  And, I buy organic apples and Ecover dish soap.  But, so what?  Why does that matter?

Well, because increasingly the green claim is selling products everywhere from Cadillac’s upcoming Hybrid Escalade to biodegradeable toilet paper.  At the Guelph Organics conference held a week ago, I attended a session discussing whether organics were “Fact, Fad or Fraud.”

It was a great session and the presenters gave some interesting insight into how you decide if a product is really green or not.  Keep watching Green Living Online for some upcoming articles from the Guelph Organics Conference. 

Until then you can check out a couple of my articles just published at Green Living.  The first is about the hot new development of low-cost, bendable solar panels.  Follow up solar panels with a discussion about the increasing scarcity of many of the elements that make up our modern day living.


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