Go Gamma!

From Discover Magazine 2007 review, “Some astrophysicists believe that dark matter particles may occasionally annihilate each other, producing bursts of high-energy gamma rays. If the Milky Way has dark-matter satellites, and if they do emit gamma rays, the Gamma-Ray Large Area Space Telescope, scheduled for Launch in February, might detect them.”

Dark matter satellites annihilating each other in our own backyard, okay, how cool is that?!

I actually spoke with some of the NASA engineers and scientists at the Goddard Space Flight Center outside Baltimore about GLAST two years ago. Sounded like a cool project, so I am glad to hear that they got the green light.

Unfortunately, the launch will not take place in the next few days but in May. Bummer for space enthusiasts, but opens up some opportunity for me to write an article about this neat new space telescope for Astronomy or Sky and Telescope.


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