Pipe Dreams

From Discover, 2007 review, “Tubes made from LSCF [lanthanum-strontium-cobalt-ferric oxide] have the property of being permeable to oxygen ions – oxygen atoms with an electric charge – and little else. Using 15-inch-long tubes to filter oxygen from air, the researchers [from Newcastle University and Imperial College London] were able to burn hydrocarbons in the purified atmosphere to produce energy, steam and nearly pure carbon dioxide.”

So, I’m thinking that we attach a bundle of LSCF straws to the air intake of every car engine. It burns with pure oxygen, increasing the effectiveness and getting better mileage, plus we only emit pure CO2. Attach an air compressor or something on the tailpipe to capture the CO2, and then drop off the CO2 at your local fizzy drink manufacturer for carbon credits, or take the CO2 to your greenhouse to improve your locally grown bananas. Sound like a good idea?

Maybe not yet. But, a cool green technology anyway. Green Living or maybe Plenty.


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