Green Tech

Many of the most exciting technologies being developed hope to address the enormous environmental problems we face today. I discuss two of these at Green Living Online, where I am their go-to-guy on science topics.

First, I take a look at new developments in nanotechnology solar panels. Building a solar panel from the atom up, it turns out, is a great way to harness the energy of the sun. It requires less raw materials, is more efficient at deriving power, and oddly enough it is quicker.

Second, I try to understand what the heck rare earth elements are and why they are so important. In essence they are a group of elements that are not found in very high concentrations around the world, so we have to mine dig up a lot of rock to get a little bit of these materials. However, all that work is worth the effort because these little gems are key to a lot of really great devices like new TVs, cell phones, even hybrid batteries.

The only catch is that we aren’t able to find as much of these rare earth elements as we need, leading some experts to think that we are running out. Talk about a major need for recycling.


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