Space Tourism at the University of Waterloo

The following article was created by three grade 11 students participating in the University of Waterloo’s Unlimited program, where students spend a week learning about interdisciplinary research areas such as science journalism (the session I taught), textile history, nanotechnology, and more.

“Space isn’t a program, it’s a place.”

Until now, space has been a government program, believes Michael Belfiore, author of the “The Rocketeers”. But, now we are in the midst of a revolution that could allow the everyday citizen into space.

Instead of just going to Hawaii or other exotic places, those willing to spend great amounts of money will soon find a new vacation destination in outer space. Within the next decade, private space flights will enable eager space enthusiasts to live their dream and experience the life of an astronaut.

Currently, the projected cost of the first privatized space flight will be $200,000, but it is expected to decrease rapidly in the near future. And, for a few million dollars you can spend weeks in an outer space hotel. You will enjoy many of the same comforts of an earth-based hotel, like food, water and air.

The preparation before departure is minimal, but important. It consists of two to three days of training to acclimatize you to space life. This would allow you to fully enjoy your stay in space without having to waste time getting used to zero gravity. You will also have to undergo a medical exam to make sure underlying issues do not arise on the trip.

Everyone’s childhood dream of living amongst the stars could become a reality. The final frontier is a little closer.

By Stacey, Peter, and Joel.

You can find another article created by four other students in the science journalism session at Michael Belfiore’s Blog “Dispatches from the Final Frontier.”


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