Follow Up to Earth Hour

Now that all the buildings have gone dark for their required one hour, I have had a revelation that I want to post regarding Earth Hour.

Earth Hour was an attempt to change human behavior. Unfortunately for environmentalists human behavior is almost impossible to change for moral reasons. I care about the planet and future generations such as my daughter as much as anybody, but can I give up my car, stop using the Internet (a major CO2 source), or give up buying bananas? Nope, and anybody who thinks that we can and will change our lifestyles in major ways is deluding themselves and doesn’t understand history because we’ve never done that before.

However, we do stand a chance at kicking climate change in the teeth with technology because technology can change human behavior almost overnight. The plow, the clock, the light bulb, the car, the plane, the computer, etc. Theses are all technologies that altered human behavior in major ways. Nobody alive in 1900 would have imagined flying across an ocean for a business meeting, but people were doing just that 50 years later.

The same opportunity is being offered to our generation. Clean/green technology is available and we can change the way our technology works to harm the planet less (or even help the planet). But, to do so we have to engage capitalism, the most creative and powerful system we have.

Making money is the best way to drive development of anything from a better mouse trap to a car that runs on air. We all need business to embrace the challenges of the environment if we hope to have a planet, or if we hope to make gobs and gobs of money.

Al Gore was right and wrong. The choice between the planet at money is a stupid one, but he got his argument reversed. Without money, we can’t have a planet.

So, all you greedy people, start saving my kid’s planet already.


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