Let the Darwin Show Begin

Darwin’s birthday was yesterday, so to commemorate the big day I wrote a couple articles. I wrote about what modern day environmentalists can learn from Darwin’s life and evolution for Green Living Online. I also did an interview piece for InnovationCanada.ca with the President of the Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution.

Plus, I will add that at the annual meeting for American Association for the Advancement of Science the Annals of Improbable Research will be awarding the 1000 Steve Award tonight. It is an award given out to Steve or Stephanie (which apparently make up 1% of the American general public) scientists that support evolution to combat the anti-evolution campaign “Scientists that Doubt Darwin.” Of course, I believe the original inspiration for the award was the great evolutionary biologist Stephen Jay Gould.

Tonight the award (a stuffed panda – not sure if it comes with or without thumbs) is being given out by Steve Mirsky, science humor writer for Scientific American, to *Drum roll please* you guessed it: Steve Darwin.


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