A Digest of Reader’s Digest

I’ve done a lot of articles for Reader’s Digest Canada Online recently, so I thought it about time to post the links to those articles.

It beats over 7.5 billion times in your life, so if you want to understand what not to do to your heart check out my article on risky behavior for your heart health. And, if you want to improve another part of your body, go for your brain. I wrote a brainy article that describes a few ways that you can keep all the lights on upstairs.

I’ve also written about a growing number of green communities in Canada. It seems that right across Canada, individual citizens and neighborhoods are finding unique ways to address the myriad of environmental challenges we are facing. Of course, with such nice whether in my part of Canada recently, one of the most popular ways to save the world has been to get out your trusty bicycle. Check out my article on how to pick a good bicycle and all the right accessories to make reducing your carbon footprint a little easier. Maybe even less sweaty, which is always appreciated if you are commuting to work.


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