Weirdest Sessions at the AAAS Annual Meeting 2011

I got the program for the annual meeting of the AAAS in Washington, DC in February a couple months ago. In anticipation of the meeting later this week and all the great science stories that other journalists will be writing, I am posting a list of my favorite oddly named sessions. Weird yet intriguing. I love scientists.

Here is my list of totally strange sessions at the AAAS (you can check out the entire program at their website):

Experimental Cooking: Exploring the Frontier in New Taste Experiences

-alternatively titled “101 cooking uses for your Bunsen burner”

From Heavy Electrons to the Cuprates, Organics, and Pnictides

-I don’t know what cuprates or pnictides are, but I love that someone thought they would be good names for particles.

Volcano Science Diplomacy

-Volcanoes are cool. Enough said.

Dining in with Trillions of Friends: Our Guy Microbiome and Nutritional Status

-I sense a theme of eating at the AAAS.

Adolescents and Oral Sex: Is it Really Something to Worry About?

-This is actually a session about STI’s and HIV, but honestly who named that session?

Neuroscience and Evangelical Christianity: Anticipating and Alleviating Concerns

-The jokes about the brains of evangelicals are going to be too easy.

Hey Mr. Weatherman, Is This [insert unusual weather event here] Related to Global Warming?

-This is actually a great title about a real problem, namely the difference between weather (day to day) and climate (decade to decade).

How Science-Based Social Networking Helped Find 10 Red Balloons

-I can imagine this research project might have had problems getting grant approval.

Has Humanity Become the Maggot in Earth’s Apple?

-Definitely my favorite title. Anything with “maggot” in the title wins hands down.

Enjoy the AAAS Science-palooza this week!


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