Water and Chemicals Do Mix – But the Results aren’t Pretty

A couple months ago, I covered the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. They are the largest science society in the world, and publish a scientific journal you may have heard of….SCIENCE.

Oceans were a big topic at this year’s meeting. There was the release of a map showing all the pristine bits of water left in the world (spoiler…there aren’t too many!). And, of course, there were plenty of discussions about overfishing.

But, what I found most interesting were the discussions about chemicals that we use in everyday life, such as birth control or car exhaust, and their impact on the oceans. I got to write a story about the research presented in Boston for Environmental Health Perspectives, and the article was published in April’s issue.

Perhaps the thing I found most scary was that the regulations just don’t exist to catch a lot of these chemicals. And, the regulations we do have are old and don’t consider things like what happens if two chemicals mix.


The Alpha and the Omega-3

I just got back from grocery shopping, and I was blown away by how many products have Omega-3 claims on their packaging. Bread, butter, eggs, milk, I think I might have even seen some peanut butter.

But, what is Omega-3, how does it work, and does it actually help your body? You can find out in a recent feature article of mine published online at the Canadian Foundation for Innovation’s online magazine Innovation Canada.